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The Library
The library has a collection of 8000 books and subscribes to over fourteen journals. The library thus supplies information above all on law, economics, political science, sociology, psychology, philosophy, natural sciences, technology and general history. By providing a comprehensive range of literature encompassing all the various opinions and trends in society, the library aims to provide members and staff with a good basis of knowledge on which to analyze issues objectively and reach informed decisions. In addition to the books, almost half of the library’s stocks consist of literature which is not available commercially, such as official publications.
The library’s indexing system is designed specifically to ensure easy access and is based with themes dealt with in Parliament. In addition to its lending services the library also provides a comprehensive information service for parliament. Here, great importance is attached to high quality individual advice and assistance to users. Most of the work carried out by the library staff consists responding to users’ enquiries on specific subjects, checking statistical and biographical data and legal sources, providing biographical information, supplying material for draft speeches and sourcing literary quotes.
The library also carries out literature searches and downloads information from the Internet for general information use. All information is, of course supplied over the telephone as well.
The Library
Head of Department - Willard Kazembe
Willard Kazembe - HOD
Contact Information
Location Head of Dept. Room
Kang'ombe Building 5th Floor Chief Library and Research Officer 274
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